My main research topics is related to bacteriophages. Bacteriophages (or phages) were discovered in 1915/1918 by two independent researchers (Frederick Twort and Felix d’Herelle). Phages could be regarded as being “viruses” infecting bacteria. However, after being bacteria and archaea are distinguished as being taxonomically distinct groups, it would be a logical measure to differentiate bacteriophages from eukarytoic viruses. Thus, I prefer to call them “bacteriophages” and dicscard the word “virus”. I used to deal with research of phages against human pathogenic bacteria (occasionally, I am still involved in such researches), but my main topics is releated to the development of bacteriophage-based biopesticides against plant pathogenic bacteria. I regard my largest success the fact that I lead the research (and after that the registration) of a product that effectively can protect Rosaceae plants against Erwinia amylovora. This product (called Erwiphage) was the first bacteriophage-based biopesticide readilly available on the market, againts Erwinia amylovora, and the second phage-based bioconrol product worldwide. I believe that biopesticides containing selected and well-characterized bacteriophages may provide environmentally friendly¬† and effective tools against hard-to-treat plant pathogenic bacteria. If you are still interested in my research, please browse my publications.